Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes are the main defining characteristics for your character. Everything from skills to defense. In total, there are 10 attributes that define a character; Physical (Strength, Dexterity, Reflexes, Endurance), Mental (Charisma, Instincts, Logic, Willpower), and Special (Luck, Psyonics). 

Physical Attributes

  • Strength (STR) — A character's physical strength is how well they can physically endure physical activity, be it running, swimming, climbing, or lifting.
  • Dexterity (DEX) — Dexterity is the fine motor control necessary to perform actions requiring precision movements, such as manipulating small objects or aiming a weapon.
  • Reaction (REA) — Reflexes are how quickly a character can react to a changing situation and still maintain control, such as when piloting a vehicle.
  • Endurance (END) — Endurance is a character's ability to survive tough situations, including being poisoned, taking wounds, or falling from a great height.

Mental Attributes

  • Charisma (CHA) — Charisma is how well a character reacts to social situations, and can in turn manipulate those events to their advantage. This includes lying to someone, engaging in correct etiquette, or acting in a play.
  • Intuition (INT) — Intuition is a player's gut reaction to a situation that can't always be put into words. Artistic skill, the ability to find and recognize landmarks in navigation, seeing something others don't, all are based mostly on gut instinct.
  • Logic (LOG) — Logic is the character's ability to rationally derive an answer to a problem, and can be useful when dealing with computers, laying demolitions, and making repairs.
  • Willpower (WIL) — Willpower is the character's ability to endure the mental pressures placed upon them. Willpower is useful for combating psyonic creatures, stress, and generally provides the will to endure.

Special Attributes

  • Luck (LUK) — A player seeking to push the limit would rely mostly on their luck attribute. This attribute is special because some species have it much more than others, and can lead to better outcomes than someone would anticipate otherwise. Humans, for example, have some of the best luck in the galaxy, and it is unknown entirely why this is. More than once a non-human has read reports of human actions and not understood why the humans reacted the way they did, or how they somehow succeeded in doing so.
  • Psyonics (PSY) — Psyonics cover a wide range of actions capable to those with advanced enough (or mutated enough) brains. A psyonic character can use their powers to great effect in manipulating others, moving small objects with their mind, and in a few cases even creating illusions that look and feel like the real thing. A psyonic character's greatest weakness is their reliance on logic to keep from going insane due to the constant bombardment of thoughts and emotions. Those who do not have training to resist this bombardment often seek secluded areas, becoming hermits. Assuming they don't go insane and cause people's heads to explode.



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